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About Us

Before you call us it is beneficial for you to have information that will help us help you efficiently:

  1. Have Your Make and Model ready (See below)
  2. The type of TV that you have:
    1. LED or LCD screens are thin and flat
    2. DLP TV are projection TV's and are wide at the bottom
    3. Plasma TVs are not as thin as LCT TV's
    4. Tube TV's are older and big and heavy
  3. The size and age of your set are helpful if you know.
  4. A Brief description of the problem
    1. Sound no picture
    2. Set is dead, will not turn on
    3. "Dots" on screen
  5. Whether the set has been repaired before
  6. The last time the set worked properly
  7. If you believe the lamp is bad on your DLP TV set, having the lamp code available will help us get the correct version for your TV

Arrows below show the location of the Make and Model on the back of your TV set